Compliance & CSR

Goal –

To become a well reputed supplier/producer of Garments Industry to supply best quality full produced garments to our customers through on-time delivery being kept equilibrium position of the Socio-economic, ethical and environment of earth.

Objective –

  • To comply with all applicable labor laws and regulations.
  • Rabab Group understand its responsibility towards the society, human resource and environment. Hence, we ensure conservation of resources as per the prescribed local and international laws and regulations. We maintain & monitor this to create sustainability in all of our factories.
  • To strive hard to optimize profit through transparent business operations within the legal and social framework
  • To reduce the income gap between top and bottom categories of employees.

Thus the company focuses on carrying forward  its mission towards  fulfillment of the set  objectives with emphasis on the quality of the product, process and services blended with good – governance that help build the image of the company  at home and abroad.

The company wants to produce socio friendly goods and services that shall satisfy the wants of all the concerned parties without disturbing or damaging the socio- economic and ecological balance of the mother land.

Motivating and preparing all employees to take personal accountability for achieving socio-economic objectives and target.

Our Commitment –

We have highly trained and professionally competent social responsible team to achieve the target. The entire social compliance functions are being closely monitored & proper feedback given by Managing Director.

The Rabab Group CSR Framework

Throughout the years, the corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) standards have improve greatly and other organizations that monitor labor and social compliance issues in Bangladesh. Rabab Group takes proactive steps to include advanced social, labor and environmental practices in its business operations so that our people and communities can benefit from working in an enjoyable and friendly surrounding’s plays a fundamental role in the way we want to do business and is an important part of our successful business strategy.

Our CSR Practices and Standards

CSR plays a vital role throughout the entire company. Indeed only through coordinated efforts from across all departments’ at all organizational levels; we are able to provide the best possible facilities to our workforce. Moreover, Rabab Group has been extremely successful in building a healthy and cooperative relationship with its employees and its communities. The following is a non-exhaustive list of the facilities which we provide:

• Medical room with available full time doctor and nurses.

• Day-care center staffed with certified child caregivers.

• Dining hall and canteen wherein employees can have their lunch and snacks.

• Separated prayer rooms for men and women.

• Safe drinking water dispensers available throughout the factory premises.

• Timely payment of compensation and benefit.

• Yearly picnic for all employees as part of a team building activity.

• Female welfare officers providing consultancy and employee awareness.

• Training programs.

• C-TPAT (Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism) maintenance that includes sufficient number of security guards at all visitor and vehicle checkpoints as well as having the premises protected with high fencing and CCTV surveillance.