Training and Development

Workforce training has become a critical component to maintaining a competitive workforce. It can be vital to the individual employee as well as the business as a whole. Training takes place every day, in numerous ways, and can be used to serve many purposes. In its simplest form, it teaches something new. However, on a deeper level, it can convey appreciation, add value to an employment relationship, and lead to a stronger and more cohesive workforce. The need for training can arise as employees need to acquire the resources, knowledge and tools necessary to further develop themselves, and as a result, the business.

Rabab Group management is positive in training up their workforce to make them more competitive both in personal and professional life. Accordingly our trainers provide training to the workforce in an engaging way. Few training Topics are as below.

1.    Training on Disciplinary Actions
2.    Training on Risk Assessment with workers
3.    Meeting with Pregnant workers and back from maternity workers
4.    Skill Development
5.    Practical Fire Training
6.    Training on Recruitment and Hiring Process
7.    Training on Grievance Procedure
8.    Safety Committee Meetings
9.    Training on emergency preparedness plan
10. Effective production capacity planning with the planning department
11. Training on General Awareness with the workers
12. Meeting / Training with Cleaners, Loaders and Security Guards.
13. Meeting / Training on Buyer’s Certification body’s Code of Conduct
14. Meeting / Training on Safe Chemical Handling Procedures.
15. Training on Forced labor with workers
16. Training on Harassment and Abuse
17. Induction and Orientation Training
18. Training on Diversity and Equal Opportunity / Anti-Discrimination with workers and staff.
19. Working hour policy and legal requirements with workers and staffs.
20. Training on PPE and workplace safety with workers
21. Training on Fire safety
22. Training on Family planning, AIDS
23. HER project meeting and training
24. Compensation and Benefits
25. Meeting with the First Aiders
26. PC Committee Meeting
27. Training on Health and Safety
28. Training on Freedom of Association
29. Training on Production Quality Standard
30. Mid Level Management Training
31. HER Project Training